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Building a dream home in Bangalore should be as easy as living in one

Mindfully Planned. Meticulously Crafted

At Jackfruithomz, we’re changing the way homes are built. By replacing anticipation with trust, multiple vendors with end-to-end construction services, complexities with capabilities and questions with quality - we’re solving the biggest challenges for home builders. Our house construction company allows you to eliminate the hassles of dealing with middlemen all while giving you peace-of-mind with our stringent quality-check. Begin your journey to building your dream home with us. You are just 7-steps away from moving into your forever home.

Meeting our team

The first step to building your forever home is knowing that your home is in safe hands. Our one-on-one client-customer interaction allows you to put all apprehension at bay. Our hands-on team brings 16 years experience to the table, to build a home that will be a part of your legacy. While our end-to-end construction process prioritizes efficiency, accessibility and quality in every step, we start by laying the pillars of trust. We believe in fostering a deep understanding of our client requirements to become a dependable partner in the journey of home construction. Read More

Designing the details

Finding the perfect design package for you is of utmost priority to us. Our team of best architects guide you to pick the perfect design and construction package. Once the design package is finalised, we provide 2D floor plan suggestions and 3D elevations of your dream home so you can see your dream taking the form of reality. Read More

On Site Work

Meticulous detailing and craftsmanship come together in the execution phase. To streamline the project execution, we divide the project workflow into well-defined steps.
1.Pre-construction planning
2.Site preparation
3.Structural construction
4.Interior work
5.Exterior work
6.Final inspection
7.Handover and closeout
This project workflow allows us to ensure that we adhere to deadlines all while meeting every detail in your requirement.
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Project Progress

Our streamlined process flow makes room for construction to always stay on-track and up-to-date. By measuring the progress every step of the way, our team of experts are always informed to give you the latest updates. These insights allow you to make informed decisions and carry out any iterations during the construction stage. Read More

Interior Designing

At Jackfruithomz, we don’t stop at home construction. We take it a step further with our additional interior designing services. Combining your construction package with our interior architecture and design services could help you create a home that truly reflects your personality, from pillar to paint. Read More


The comprehensive end-to-end construction service at Jackfruithomz enables us to add all the necessary installations required for the project. This includes interior design, plumbing, wiring services and other ad-hoc tasks that are required to give your home the detailing and finish it deserves. Read More

Moving in

The most exciting part of our service is handing over the key to our client. Feel right at home the second you step into your dream home designed and constructed by Jackfruithomz. The relationship we build with our clients does not end there. We continue to be at your service in case of any concern regarding the construction, design or installation process. Read More

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